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James -
I don't know about freeschools or democratic schools, but there are a lot of books available about the Sudbury model on the website. We sell a lot of "The Pursuit of Happiness" because it talks about outcomes, and that is what we have found parents to be most concerned about. There is also an abundance of PR materials about the model. There have been numerous talks, radio interviews, tv interviews, and newspaper articles. Many of those things are helpful for parents. Ode magazine did a great article on video games which has been helpful for many of the parents who have had that concern. As for convincing those who are skeptical, I don't do so much of that anymore. I am happy to tell people what I think, what I have read, and what I have seen, but I don't feel so attached to whether or not they buy it anymore. Sometimes people who seem to be adamantly against it come back to say that they are interested. Sometimes people just have to sit with stuff for a while. I am always willing to answ
er a parent's question, though I always try to have literature or our website answer it for me. It is much easier and more interesting for everyone to answer the questions of those who have already educated themselves. After all, we don't spoon feed kids; why on earth should we spoon feed grown ups (unless it's the media, of course)?

Kristin Harling
Katuah Sudbury School
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> Hi.
> What formal research and/or testimonial writing is out there on the
> effectiveness of the Sudbury/Freeschool/democratic models? What do you use
> to convince people who are skeptical? Or recruit parents who are interested
> but have questions?
> Respond on or off list as you wish, I'll compile responses and share
> with all in a single list (if there are many responses).
> In solidarity,
> James
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