Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Some model questions (by newbie)

From: Laura L <>
Date: Sat May 19 13:55:00 2007

Thanks Jeff and Evelyn, for sharing your experiences
with me. Very reassuring. I was hoping to hear that
this has been going well since I agree that it is not
an option to have staff chosen another way. That
part makes complete sense to me and I can't imagine
how you'd have all the great stuff about a Sudbury
school without that.


--- Jeff Collins <> wrote:

> I think a couple of points have already been brought
> up:
> * In our current culture, very few people are
> guaranteed a job for
> life. This is no different at a Sudbury
> school. If you don't do
> a good job, you get asked to leave. The only
> difference is that
> you are asked to leave through a democratic
> process instead of by
> your boss in a decidedly undemocratic process.
> * Very, very few Sudbury staff members are ever
> voted off staff. I
> have been involved with the model for 5 years
> now, and I don't
> know of anyone who has been voted off staff
> (not saying it hasn't
> happened, just that I don't know about it
> happening). I believe
> in the entire history of the Sudbury Valley
> School less than a
> handful of staff have been voted off in their
> 38 year history (can
> someone from SVS correct me if I am wrong on
> this?)
> The thing that convinced me that this is the right
> way to do it was
> something I read a long time ago. I believe it was
> Dan Greenberg who
> wrote (I am paraphrasing - probably totally
> inaccurately), "Like
> pregnancy, there is no such thing a partial
> democracy."
> There are some democratic schools where the staff is
> chosen by either
> the director (e.g Brooklyn Free School) or by the
> current staff (e.g.
> Harriet Tubman Free School). I like and respect the
> people involved
> with these schools, but I believe that *not* giving
> the students the
> right to select the staff diminishes the
> opportunities the students have
> to make serious and important decisions that effect
> not only themselves,
> but their larger environment. If one of the goals
> of a Sudbury school
> is the create a place for students to be able to
> learn how to make these
> types of decisions, why remove this opportunity.
> Jeff Collins
> Hudson Valley Sudbury School

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