Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Some model questions (by newbie)

From: Kenneth Winchenbach Walden <>
Date: Thu May 17 20:40:00 2007

Laura L wrote:

> So hereís one question I have. What do people think
> about the tension that arises between the staffís need
> for a livelihood and the childrenís right to choose
> their own teachers? Hereís what I mean. I really
> love that the children get to vote staff in or out in
> terms of their rights to learn what and how they want.
> However, since we donít live in a society where the
> right to eat and be clothed and housed, and so forth,
> is guaranteed, this could lead to a situation where
> the childrenís rights to their desired education is in
> conflict with the staff memberís or staff memberís
> childrenís right to eat, etc.

I don't have any experiences to relate to you on this, but I have two
questions that come up when I read your question. One is, how is this
differnet than any job? Few jobs have any sort of guarantee, and being
asked to leave your job is a danger for all of us in one form or another.

Another question is, what other model is there to use for a democratic
school? If the students don't decide on the staff, who would? Is your
concern having to do with the school meeting being in charge of hiring
and firing, or is it the concept of making a fresh decision each year
about keeping the staff? These seem very different points and may help
point to your concern more precisely.

Ken Walden
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