[Discuss-sudbury-model] What happened to the John Taylor Gatto movie?

From: Tuur Demeester <tuurdemeester_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun Apr 8 09:19:00 2007

Hello everyone,

I just visited www.johntaylorgatto.com and noticed how abandoned that
place seem: it hasn't been updated in two or three years. There is a
small forum that's still used, but that's about it.

The site has an announcement of a documentary series, for which they
want to raise half a million dollars:

Does anyone know something about this project? Is it called off? Is
there still money coming in? It looked promising, I really hope
they'll manage to finish it.

greetings, Tuur Demeester

De Kampanje
Daam Fockemalaan 22
3818KG Amersfoort

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