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The trailer looked great! Would like to see the movie but live in Arkansas. I would certainly be interested when a DVD comes out.

It hits close to home. I am a Middle School Art teacher in a public school. THough I am only in my 3rd year, I am already burning out. Every day at school I am thinking, this is not right, this is not the way people learn. Kids who don't want to be there, the regiment of time constraints, the assignments, the number of students in a room at one time demanding my attention. It doesn't work. Education, for me, is about relationships, talking to others, sharing, working together (or working alone). There are a few fine moments when I get the chance to sit and talk with a student about what they are working on. I love those moments when a student is finding his/her personal solution to a artistic problem. Each of these solutions are unique and I learn a little something from each of them.

But what is a teacher supposed to do? How do you get a job in a school that only has 5 - 10 staff members? Besides reading the books, which I have done, does anyone have any idea on how to get a job in this very small job market?

Thanks. William

William Van Horn

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Subject: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Upcoming screenings of "Schooled"

Hello Everybody,<br><br>Back in July of '06, I posted to this list<br>about my new feature film entitled "Schooled."<br><br>It's a character study about a traditional <br>high school teacher who finds his way to school<br>based on the Sudbury Valley model, which fundamentally<br>challenges then transforms his outlook on children<br>and authority. Here's the website:<br><br>I'm posting today to give you an update on the screenings. <br>We've been invited to have our World Premiere at <br>The MethodFest in LA, which is THE festival dedicated to <br>showcasing breakout acting performances. I'm very excited <br>that the film has been recognized by the industry in this way. <br>Even though our film stars relatively unknown up-and-coming actors<br>(including a few cameos by Fairhaven alumni Ben Umstead) <br>the known actors with films at The MethodFest include: <br>John Travolta, Christopher Plummer, James Gandolfini, <br>Ellen Burstyn, Roise Perez, Laura
Linney, Gabriel Byrne, <br>Salma Hayek, Jared Leto, Laura Dern, David Strathairn...<br>So it's a very special honor for our film to be included <br>with other actors of that caliber.<br><br>The World Premiere will be on Tuesday, April 3rd, at 7:15pm.<br>And if anybody is close enough to LA and want to check it out<br>they can go to the website, or e-mail me off-list <br>[] for more details.<br><br>Also, we're in the process of setting up a promotional screening<br>with the Diablo Valley School, in Northern California,<br>to help celebrate their 10th Anniversary. ALL of the Bay Area <br>Sudbury Model schools are warmly invited to join us for that screening<br>(ESPECIALLY The Cedarwood Sudbury School who was gracious enough<br>to let the lead actor and I hang around for a day doing research<br>for the script - a few years ago) The Bay Area screening is <br>tentatively planned for April 23 or 24th. Please contact me<br>off list for more
details.<br><br>And in May, I'd love to do a week long tour of screenings<br>on the east coast. There are a few schools over there we've<br>already been talking with, and if there are any other schools<br>on this list that are located between Fairhaven in DC and <br>Sudbury Valley in Massachusettes who would like to do a <br>screening (with a Q&A from me to follow the show) please <br>let me know off-list and we'll see if we can set something up.<br><br>Thanks so much for letting me spread the word and<br>I'm very excited about getting to finally meet some of you <br>in person after being on this list for many years!<br><br>All the best,<br>Brooks Elms<br>writer-director<br>"Schooled"<br>_______________________________________________<br>Discuss-sudbury-model mailing list<br><br><br>

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