[Discuss-sudbury-model] Upcoming screenings of "Schooled"

From: Brooks Elms <lbrookse_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Tue Mar 20 20:45:01 2007

Hello Everybody,

Back in July of '06, I posted to this list
about my new feature film entitled "Schooled."

It's a character study about a traditional
high school teacher who finds his way to school
based on the Sudbury Valley model, which fundamentally
challenges then transforms his outlook on children
and authority. Here's the website: www.SchooledTheFilm.com

I'm posting today to give you an update on the screenings.
We've been invited to have our World Premiere at
The MethodFest in LA, which is THE festival dedicated to
showcasing breakout acting performances. I'm very excited
that the film has been recognized by the industry in this way.
Even though our film stars relatively unknown up-and-coming actors
(including a few cameos by Fairhaven alumni Ben Umstead)
the known actors with films at The MethodFest include:
John Travolta, Christopher Plummer, James Gandolfini,
Ellen Burstyn, Roise Perez, Laura Linney, Gabriel Byrne,
Salma Hayek, Jared Leto, Laura Dern, David Strathairn...
So it's a very special honor for our film to be included
with other actors of that caliber. www.MethodFest.com

The World Premiere will be on Tuesday, April 3rd, at 7:15pm.
And if anybody is close enough to LA and want to check it out
they can go to the website, or e-mail me off-list
[lbrookse_at_gmail.com] for more details.

Also, we're in the process of setting up a promotional screening
with the Diablo Valley School, in Northern California,
to help celebrate their 10th Anniversary. ALL of the Bay Area
Sudbury Model schools are warmly invited to join us for that screening
(ESPECIALLY The Cedarwood Sudbury School who was gracious enough
to let the lead actor and I hang around for a day doing research
for the script - a few years ago) The Bay Area screening is
tentatively planned for April 23 or 24th. Please contact me
off list for more details.

And in May, I'd love to do a week long tour of screenings
on the east coast. There are a few schools over there we've
already been talking with, and if there are any other schools
on this list that are located between Fairhaven in DC and
Sudbury Valley in Massachusettes who would like to do a
screening (with a Q&A from me to follow the show) please
let me know off-list and we'll see if we can set something up.

Thanks so much for letting me spread the word and
I'm very excited about getting to finally meet some of you
in person after being on this list for many years!

All the best,
Brooks Elms
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