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From: Joseph Moore <>
Date: Mon Feb 26 12:37:00 2007

There are 4 Sudbury schools in Northern California, and none (as far as
I know) in SoCal - maybe all that sunshine isn't really good for people.
Ojai and SLO are both very beautiful. SLO has a Cal Poly university, and
is much larger, but is the only large town in the area; Ojai is tiny and
feels somewhat isolated, but is really not too far from larger urban
areas if you're willing to drive.
I'd willingly live in either place.


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Subject: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Location advice

Lea Pitcher, one of the founders of Katuah Sudbury School here. My
husband and I have decided to move from Asheville, NC. The good news is
that Katuah Sudbury School is in great hands and continues to grow!
We are looking at Ojai, CA and possibly San Luis Obispo, CA and I would
greatly appreciate any insights into these areas. Ojai looks like an
area that is very open to alternative education but I haven't figured
out what makes a place Sudbury-friendly. I would have sworn that
Asheville would be THE place with its "progressive" sub-culture - but
our school appeals neither to the "liberal" nor "conservative" groups in
Asheville - both want a more controlled environment for their children.
Perhaps a more affluent area? Or a place with higher education levels?
Thank you for your insights. The thought of moving somewhere without a
Sudbury school makes me a bit anxious. However, my daughters are 4 yrs
old and 9 months old, so I figure I have a little time to start another
school. Also, every community deserves a Sudbury School.
In gratitude,
p.s. Our choice of location is being guided by my husband's need for
maximum sunshine in order to thrive and our desire to have a more active
lifestyle. We are both self-employed and thus have the freedom to live
almost anywhere.
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