[Discuss-sudbury-model] Location Advice

From: Becky Wheelock <beckywheel_at_cox.net>
Date: Thu Feb 22 18:10:01 2007


Sunshine? I think the sunny city that needs a Sudbury school most is
San Diego! Truth be told, I went to school in Santa Barbara, and it
IS beautiful up there and I miss it. Both Ojai and SLO have some
pretty affluent communities, as you probably know. Hopefully their
less affluent families could also benefit from a great community school.

But I am in San Diego. I desperately want to start a school down
here. There aren't really any true alternative schools here. There
are lots of charter schools with different models, and almost all of
them have long waiting lists for admissions. The one my daughter
goes to has a list thousands long. Big population, awesome gardening
weather, lots of hiking, biking, surfing - plus all the amenities of
a big city but within a reasonable drive to very rural farming
communities. Go San Diego! Plus, there are three major universities
here and a dozen or so community colleges, so if the magic formula
for success is an educated population, well then...

I'll stop now. Perhaps your ex-boyfriend lives in San Diego and it's
a definite "no" for you. Let me know, though, if you want any more
gushing. Or, if you have more specific questions about the central
coast, I may be able to answer those too.

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