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Date: Wed Nov 29 09:00:00 2006

I totally agree that freedom from parental involvement is essential to a Sudbury model school, and I understand the practical neccesity of discouraging it as much as possible.

However, I think it is also important to acknowledge that while it may be useful and practical to make blanket statements about childrens need for a school environment separate from their parents, the actual need for different kinds of separateness and the age at which this need is felt varies widely from individual to individual.

I have seen children at 5 years old who are thrilled with the opportunities that a Sudbury School provides and I have seen other children that same age run screaming from them. I know 9 years olds who would give anything to be away from their parents as much as possible, and others who are not yet even interested in exploring that opportunity.

Given that even most Sudbury School staffers do not extend their beliefs about learning and equality beyond the confines of the school, it is reasonable and practical to assume this is true of most other parents as well, and to assume that they would have difficulty participating in a Sudbury school environment. However, I think it is important to acknowledge that this is not neccesarily the truth about any individual parent (or their relationship with any particular student body), and to leave open the possibility that they may not be an adversary, but might actually be a valuable resource to the school community.
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