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Yes, it is, of course, possible. Then I would put the parents in the
resource category. We have people who want to volunteer their skills. We
would then file their strength/skills and when a student states the need
(brings it as a motion to the SM or goes to resource clerk or any staff
member and asks for help) we would check our resource file.
In our school we had a parent teach a painting class and I know that in one
of the Canadian schools a qualified parent taught a CPR and first aid
course. So it happens occasionally.

It has not happen in our school for a couple of years now. Most of the time
those kids just want to learn things on their own and do not ask for help :)


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Just thought I might clarify my question: I'm not talking about parents
being on campus for hours at a time. I'm talking about going in for a
specific task, like teaching a class of interest for an hour once or twice a

week. For example, if some kids were interested in having a singing group
with help in voice technique, and there was a parent with such skills
willing to volunteer his/her help, and the kids voted on it.....would that
work? Any Sudbury schools doing this sort of thing?

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> Scott stated:
> " In the day-to-day life of the school, parents
> are *not* welcome. The school is the *child's* place, not the
> parents'."
> I know this is the case at the Sudbury Valley School, but aren't there
> other Sudbury model schools that actually utilize parents as resources in
> a number of ways, while still allowing the school to be the "child's
> place"? I'm pretty sure I have heard of parents being used to help with
> PR activiites, and on campus to teach something, and in other volunteer
> roles to help the school function and thrive. Doesn't Fairhaven do this?
> And I think Big Rock does, too. If any of you out there do use parents as

> resources, I'd be interested in hearing in what capacities, how that
> works, if and how the kids are affected by it, and, essentially, how it
> still meets the goals of the model.
> Thanks,
> Ann Ide
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