[Discuss-sudbury-model] Parents on campus

From: Dr. Evan Hughes <evanhughes_at_juno.com>
Date: Tue Nov 28 17:19:01 2006

     There is a larger issue here regarding parents participating in anything on the campus
that extends further then the individual parent/child bond and that is the *other* children.
     Sudbury students are participating together as students and are subject to social
ramifications and rules. Staff are VOTED for and can be kicked out or invited in by school
meeting members (staff and students.) In short, school meeting members *govern* other
school meeting members. Visiting parents are not a part of the system. They are not voted
for, do not go through an admission process, have no responsibility other then to 'their'
child only.
     And just in case you where thinking it, there is absolutely no way to be present in an
environment like a sudbury school and have your presence not felt, especially as an adult.
      If my child where attending a school which allowed parents to participate at will I would
be nervous, because there are no checks and balances for this. As students, they would feel
a weird powerlessness associated with another parents presence in no time because again,
they are outside the system.
     If parents REALLY want to be that close to their children (I have no idea weather it's a
positive or negative) then run for staff. Become subject to student judgment as to weather
or not you are fit to be in the sacred space of the students.


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