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Alongside, yes. Living together, yes. Spending hours with every day,
in the evenings and nights, yes. Returning to the home for support and
safety, yes.

Under constant care or supervision, an emphatic *no*.

And why should we assume that parents don't have the
intuition and self-control needed to provide the daily space
and detachment necessary for their child's development as
an individual, (as you put it: forming their own relationships
and making their own names for themselves in the broader
community.) Parents are equipped with the instincts which
tell them constant supervision and care are not in the best
interest of a child's healthy development.
There are great examples of this going on in the unschooling
community. Kids naturally follow their own needs and desires
for community. Parents trust this and honor this throughout
each day - as well as model it by being involved themselves
in community separate from their kids. There is no need to
provide kids with an artificial community within the confines
of an institution. Community is everywhere you look! Schools
requiring compulsory attendance remove kids from authentic
opportunities which would involve them with the world at large.
Such institutions also place unnatural limits on a child's access
to a loving and nurturing parent when they may need it the
most - which isn't always between the hours of 9 a.m.
and 3 p.m. ~ Molly
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