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From: Alan Klein <>
Date: Tue Nov 28 13:25:01 2006

Scott David,

Three questions:

1. (The more in your face one) Where did Hanna and Danny's and Mimsy and
Mike's kids go to school?

2. (An actual question) Do you see this separation of parents from the
day-to-day life of the school as an essential characteristic of "Sudbury
schools", of SVS itself, and/or simply the (albeit consistent) wishes of
School Meetings over time?

3. (Another actual question) Do you know for a fact that Neill created, or
Zoe perpetuates Summerhill as a boarding school to "protect" kids form their
parents, or is that a "reading between the lines" on your part?

I come somewhere in the middle on this. My older daughter came to the
Highland School when I worked there. She split time with me and her mother,
so it was not full-time. This was, in my opinion and in hers, a largely
positive experience. I also acknowledge the need for independence of thought
and action in such situations and the obstacles that can arise.

~Alan Klein

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From: Scott David Gray
Sudbury schools are emphatically *not* interested in "protecting"
children from parents in the manner of Summerhill (which is a boarding
school for exactly that reason). And, in fact, parents and extended
family are welcome for occasional casual visits *much* more readily
than in traditional schools. But students and staff in the various
School Meetings have, by and large, spoken that they want a separate
community at the school during the day -- rather than operating as
"drop off centers" for homeschooling parents.
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