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From: Scott David Gray <>
Date: Mon Nov 27 22:12:00 2006


     I suspect that the reason John doesn't express much regret
(though he *did* eventually retire from teaching in a spectacular
fashion), is that he made it his mission to subvert traditional
education from within (at least until he decided it was too big to
make a real dent in from within).
     I won't go into details, but he speaks about (for example)
marking people with perfect attendance, while encouraging them to skip
class and pursue what they *really* want.
     Knowing his other writings, I can feel fairly certain that the
"smug defense" you note is a rhetorical device designed to poke fun at
what he (in his old job) was *expected* to do.

     John and I do disagree on some points (for example, he is a big
fan of home schooling, and that is the crowd which has made a hero of
him; for another example, he sees malice in the design of schools,
where more often see gross negligence and foolishness), but I've
always find him to be honest and pleasant.

     By and large, John has been a real friend to Sudbury schools. He
has talked about us everywhere he goes, often. I'm sure that you can
find a great deal about him on the web.

On 11/27/06, Woty <> wrote:
> I know he doesn't teach anymoreóbut neither does he seem to regret
> his teaching. In fact, he seems positively smug about it.
> If he thinks it is wrong and destructive, then he ought to have the
> decency to regret it. If he thinks he did good, he ought to have the
> integrity to defend it.
> ~Woty

-- Scott David Gray
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