[Discuss-sudbury-model] Power and money voting strength subject FAR FAR off topic

From: Scott David Gray <sdavidgray_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon Nov 20 08:09:01 2006

I am writing *not* in order to comment on this thread, but to remind
people of the list rules for the discuss-sudbury-model mail list.

When I first saw Stuart's long message, I was tempted to posit a firm
defense of American democracy. But, as I reflected, I realized that
any follow-up post I made would be in violation of rule number 4 on
this list:

     4: All conversations must be kept at least tangentially related
to the purpose of the list. Sending or re-sending material to the list
purely because the sender wishes to reach the maximum number of
readers, is not allowed.

Stuart's original post and this thread are clearly off topic.

I believed, at the time, that the best way to keep the list from
drifting off topic (and thereby losing focus about the subject matter
of this list, or driving away subscribers who aren't interested in the
new topic) was to let it pass un-answered.

Since that time, there have been four follow-up postings. Even Harlan
and Eli's messages, which at least mention Sudbury model education,
failed to actually re-connect the dots and to bring the discussion
back on topic.

Excepting to say that Sudbury schools include people of all political
stripes, are themselves pluralistic and have no political agenda, I
will avoid commenting on this thread in this forum. The real point of
this message, is to remind people of this rule, so that they know that
any *further* discussion of this topic MUST be taken off list.

-- Scott David Gray
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