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From: Woty <>
Date: Thu Nov 16 12:01:48 2006

If you were placed in a school, do you think you could tell without
being told whether it was a First Amendment School?


On Nov 13, 2006, at 18:46, wrote:

> Despite its inherent contradictions, the First Amendment Schools
> project seems like a good idea: it appears to encourage student
> participation in decision-making (though it's hard not to be
> cynical about the possibility of students actually having any power
> over important decisions).
> For that matter, though, it's hard not to be cynical about
> corporate and American democracy. Certain corporations, such as the
> New York Times, have a voting structure that gives certain
> shareholders 100 votes for each share they hold, and other
> shareholders 1 vote per share. That is pretty much the way American
> democracy works, too: people with power and/or money get 100 votes,
> those who lack them get 1.
> Though I am pretty darn cynical, I will take American democracy
> over the forms of government that exist in most of the rest of the
> world. Similarly, I would probably prefer to attend a First
> Amendment School over most non-First Amendment Schools.
> Stuart Williams
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