RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] RE: "setting limits"

From: Alan Klein <>
Date: Mon Oct 30 09:17:01 2006

In reality, depending on context and history, I could see the staff member
(or any member of the School Meeting) doing any of those things. I would
hope that no one would do the second of the actions unless they had already
exhausted one and three, but it would be their choice, I suppose.


I am curious as to your distinction between staff members and other members
of the School Meeting in these cases.


~Alan Klein



From: Wendy Lucas
So what would happen in the moment? Would the staff person say "If you don't
stop right now I'm going to write a judicial complaint!" or just keep going
about their business and file the complaint, or say "hey! remember the
school property rule!"?
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