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From: Kevin Keleher <>
Date: Wed Oct 4 16:29:00 2006

Hi Joseph,
I just joined the email list and I'm not sure what's going on?

On 10/4/06, Joseph Moore <> wrote:
> Thanks again to everyone for the helpful suggestions.
> Turns out that this go-round, we'll have only 5-6 meetings. We've decided
> to pick the first two readings - 'Scientist in the Crib' and 'The Myth of
> Laziness', but then present the people who show up with a full list of
> potential readings and let them express their preferences before choosing
> the last 3-4 books (our preferences, which favor including at least one
> Sudbury book, will have a deciding influence... we're using, I suppose, the
> revolutionary vangard theory of democracy).
> If this turns out successful, fun, or both, we'll do it again and include
> more books.
> With that in mind, please feel free to suggest even more readings, if any
> occur to you.
> Thanks again.
> Joseph
> P.S. The most relevant part of the Scientist in the Crib so far - I'm only
> 40 pages in - is how often they point out that there is no scientific basis
> for most traditional views of what kids are like and how they learn.

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