[Discuss-sudbury-model] Book List update...

From: Joseph Moore <joseph_at_ivorycc.com>
Date: Wed Oct 4 14:10:00 2006

Thanks again to everyone for the helpful suggestions.
Turns out that this go-round, we'll have only 5-6 meetings. We've
decided to pick the first two readings - 'Scientist in the Crib' and
'The Myth of Laziness', but then present the people who show up with a
full list of potential readings and let them express their preferences
before choosing the last 3-4 books (our preferences, which favor
including at least one Sudbury book, will have a deciding influence...
we're using, I suppose, the revolutionary vangard theory of democracy).
If this turns out successful, fun, or both, we'll do it again and
include more books.
With that in mind, please feel free to suggest even more readings, if
any occur to you.
Thanks again.
P.S. The most relevant part of the Scientist in the Crib so far - I'm
only 40 pages in - is how often they point out that there is no
scientific basis for most traditional views of what kids are like and
how they learn.
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