Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Reading Suggestions

From: Kenneth Winchenbach Walden <>
Date: Mon Sep 25 19:57:00 2006

Joseph Moore wrote:
> Joseph from Diablo Valley School here.
> We're celebrating the 10th anniversary of our school this year. One
> event we're sponsoring is a monthly reading group at a local library,
> which we hope will attract some parents. The tentative title is: How Do
> Kids Really Learn? A Fresh Look at Education.

I'd second the suggestion of John Holt, starting off in particular with
How Children Fail and How Children Learn. I think they're good for this
because they're not preachy, not theory, they just give a lot of real

Another good one to start off with would be one that I think is called
Noah's Children, by Sara Stein. It is great for mainstream audiences,
is not in particular about education. But is a great book about the
type of environment we evolved to grow in.

Ken Walden
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