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From: Joseph Moore <joseph_at_ivorycc.com>
Date: Mon Sep 25 14:19:00 2006

Joseph from Diablo Valley School here.
We're celebrating the 10th anniversary of our school this year. One
event we're sponsoring is a monthly reading group at a local library,
which we hope will attract some parents. The tentative title is: How Do
Kids Really Learn? A Fresh Look at Education.
Here's why I'm pestering you all: we need about 8 - 9 books/readings,
and I thought the people on this list would have good ideas. The plan
here is to NOT hit people over the head too much (which is hard for me,
personally, given what a horror traditional schooling is), but to ease
into the topic at first, then move on to more pointed stuff over time.
So, what books or readings would you reccommend that shed light on why
it's a good idea to trust kids, to recognize and nurture their
responsibility for their own education, and to lay off the little butts
in desks model of education?
We've already got several (this is all still tentative, so if you've got
a better idea, fire away)
1st month: The Scientist in the Crib. We thought we'd start with
something about how really small children learn, to lay the groundwork
for reexamining how we all learn. Plus, one of the authors is local, and
we'd like to get her for a panel discussion later in the year.
2nd month: The Myth of the Lazy Mind.
Later, we'll do a couple Sudbury Valley books - Reflections on the
Sudbury School Concept, Kingdom of Childhood? Plus, right at the end,
one of the John Taylor Gatto books.
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