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A couple students at Diablo Valley School have graduated at 17 or 16.
More of our students seem to be discovering the local community college,
so that, even prior to graduation, they are getting a bit of the college


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Subject: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Sudbury Model

Hi. I think the Sudbury Model schools are very interesting. It seems
like the students would really get to learn and develop more than in a
regular school setting. I find that most of regular schooling involves
repetition of materials already learned and "busy-work". In this
system, it seems that the students would get to learn things they are
interested in and not have to do busy work. It seems to be more like a
research oriented graduate school program. I do not have any children
that are old enough to attend school yet, but I will definitely consider
sending them to a Sudbury type school. I am a member of the society for
barefoot living, so I asked the questions about bare feet in school to
get an idea of how Sudbury parents think about shoes not being required
in the schools, which I read about on the Parents for Barefoot Children

One other question I had about the school system is whether or not
students can finish a couple years early, since they work at their own
pace. If they could, this would be good for students who will
eventually want to attend medical school or graduate school, since they
wouldn't be so old after so many years of education! Let me know if you
get a chance.



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