Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] school cleanliness

From: Ann Ide <>
Date: Fri Jul 21 09:58:00 2006

Not meaning to be rude, but...are you serious? Germs are everywhere, and we actually need to learn to live with them. Our immune systems are becoming defenseless by having their experience denied by all the antibacterial soaps, etc. ( hmm, sounds like a metaphor for children in public school systems :-) !)

I don't have statistics, but in our experience and subjective observation, there seems to be less sickness of any kind at SVS than at public school. Could be many reasons, some of which might be: happy kids are healthier kids, less confinement/healthier air and environment, immune systems are developed from living more as we should.

Our school is amazingly clean, but, like I said, it can't be germ free.

Is your name Tim? You might want to introduce yourself to the list, and explain where you're coming from with what seem to some people somewhat random questions. Are you really all set with understanding the model, and just concerned with those 2 questions?

Ann Ide
SVS parent for 6 years
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  Are the Sudbury schools kept pretty clean overall? If your child goes without shoes, is it good practice to have them wash their feet with antibacterial soap when they get home? Or, would you consider the floors too dirty to even consider not wearing shoes?

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