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From: Mike Braden <>
Date: Fri Jul 21 09:38:00 2006

I am a scientist and a long time barefoot activist. You have more
chance of having something growing on your feet by wearing shoes than
going barefoot. As long as there are no open wounds, the main thing
that grows on feet is the fungus responsible for athlete's foot. This
primarily grows in warm, moist environments (like showers or especially
locker rooms with carpet) and is further encouraged to grow by placing
your feet in a warm, moist environment with minimal air exchange. The
main concern for going barefoot is avoiding cuts, and after a while you
get pretty good at predicted where to put your feet and where not to.

Oh, I should further point out that you should not be using
antibacterial soap at all. Ever. There is some reasons for using it in
a health care environment, but regular soap kills 99% of most bacteria.
The 0.9% boost of antibacterial soaps only occurs when you wash for at
least 30 seconds, preferably one minute. By then, the soap itself is
probably improving its efficiency as well. All antibacterial soaps do
is provide a selection pressure for the surviving bacteria to encourage
development of antibacterial resistance.

Mike wrote:

> Are the Sudbury schools kept pretty clean overall? If your child goes
> without shoes, is it good practice to have them wash their feet with
> antibacterial soap when they get home? Or, would you consider the
> floors too dirty to even consider not wearing shoes?
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