Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] SCHOOLED

From: Scott David Gray <>
Date: Thu Jul 20 16:43:00 2006

Just saw the trailer:

So, Tay, it left me wondering...

You went to a school with "no rules"? To a school created for the
purpose of providing degrees and letters for people who are having
trouble getting such notes through the traditional means? What school
was this?

The trailer in no way suggests any Sudbury Model school I know!

1: At Sudbury Model schools, rule of law plays a *much* more vital
role than at any "traditional" school. In large part because, written
rules that any person can point to are the best means to protect
individual rights and equality.

2: Sudbury Model schools which *do* offer diplomas tend to be much
more rigorous (though by very different standards) than traditional
schools. In large part because of the fear of becoming a diploma mill.
And in part because grades and gold stars in any form are anathema to
what we believe.

Also, Sudbury schools are not places where students "choose what to
learn." They are places where students have liberty to decide
*what*to*do*. Sudbury schools work off of the assumption that living
one's life is itself fulfilling, and that learning happens sort of
automatically *whatever* a person is doing (such is the nature of the
human animal). Sudbury schools try to provide a rich and pleasant
environment for people to fulfil themselves.

I am afraid that this trailer looks like it describes a film which, in
the wider community, will only spread and further the popular
assumptions about schooling that lead Sudbury schools to be *badly*
misrepresented and *badly* misunderstood. Misconceptions that we
*already* work our arses off to dispel, with only limited success.

I don't think that *any* comparison between a Sudbury school and that
movie as advertised will bode well for *any* Sudbury school. It is a
mistaken, and damaging comparison.

On 1/1/70, Tay Arrow Sherman <> wrote:
> Hey, now that y'all have reminded me...
> I was curious what other people involved in Sudbury-model schooling
> thought about "Accepted", which I saw a preview for last week when I
> went to see the pirate movie.
> It was so weird in the theatre, because it is obviously a zany sort of
> "what if" movie, like, "What if the impossible happened and a school
> with no rules or classes came to exist on the impetus of students and
> without 'adult' supervision?" MADNESS ENSUES!
> Only, like, that's where I went to school, in real life. Has anyone
> else seen this preview? How do you think a mainstream movie like this
> will affect our community?
> By the way, "Schooled" sounds pretty rad. Thanks for posting.
> Peace,
> Tay

-- Scott David Gray
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