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I'm sure all of us do too!



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Please reply to all. I would like to order one too. wrote:

Brooks, when can I purchase the DVD?

Tracy Austin

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> Andrey wrote:
> ** ACCEPTED is a comedy motion picture about a group of
> ** high school seniors who, after being rejected from all
> ** colleges to which they had applied, create the fictional
> ** South Harmon Institute of Technology to fool their parents.
> Yeah, ACCEPTED is is a broad humor comedy for teens.
> There is another film coming out soon called SCHOOLED
> and it's a serious character study about a high school teacher
> who pulls himself out of a life crisis when he spends some time
> hanging around a Sudbury model school.
> And I know all this because I wrote and directed the film. :-)
> I was deeply influenced by the Sudbury Press books and
> audio lectures (some I've listened to dozens of times),
> and influenced by the work of A.S. Neill, Wilhelm Reich
> and several other intense thinkers on personal growth.
> The community at Cedarwood Sudbury School very graciously
> let the lead actor and I hang out there for a day, and that experience
> directly informed the JC meeting in the movie. An alumni from
> Fairhaven named Ben Umstead was a HUGE part of our production
> behind-the-scenes and on-screen for several scenes. There is a staff
> member from the Summerhill-inspired Play Mountain Place in the film too.
> I've been on this e-mail list for about 5 years, and I wanted to also
> spend some time at "the" Sudbury Valley too although they turned me
> down(!)
> because I was told they were sick of visitors. I felt equally frustrated
> and delighted by their refusal! :-)
> Right now we're finishing up the sound and music for the film and we're
> at the very beginning of our promotion campaign. The film will begin
> playing festivals in the late Winter of '06, or the Spring of '07.
> And if the response is strong enough at the festivals, it will
> also play art houses.
> You can see pictures and more info at the IMDb:
> and you can watch the trailer at
> our original website:
> or our MySpace page
> And if anybody on this list lives near LA, you're welcome to contact me
> off-list and I'll invite you to one of our private sneak preview
> screenings.
> Lastly, I want to thank the people on this list for committing to these
> values.
> My greatest hope is that the film conveys the spirit of what it feels like
> when children are genuinely respected and supported. And being a part
> of this e-mail group for 5 years, has made a tremendous impact
> on my perspective of what that's all about.
> All the best,
> Brooks Elms
> writer-director
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