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I would have to see it to know exactly how it is portrayed. It might have a
serious and very real message at the end, you know comedy movies tend to do

In general, I think at the end it will create tremendous awareness among
'the target group' (young kids), which is great, it might become the next
'cool' way of schooling. I think this can be a great opportunity for
democratic schooling movements to get out there and promote and expose
themselves as an existing real choice for everyone, perhaps handing out
brochures, or even creating a cheap 15ss ad (can be made in any format,
cinemas transfer them). Even if the parents who watch the movie might get
scared by the wackiness of it all, the exposure of the kids to the concept
will create enough pressure on the system.





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Hey, now that y'all have reminded me...

I was curious what other people involved in Sudbury-model schooling thought
about "Accepted", which I saw a preview for last week when I went to see the
pirate movie.

It was so weird in the theatre, because it is obviously a zany sort of "what
if" movie, like, "What if the impossible happened and a school with no rules
or classes came to exist on the impetus of students and without 'adult'
supervision?" MADNESS ENSUES!

Only, like, that's where I went to school, in real life. Has anyone else
seen this preview? How do you think a mainstream movie like this will affect
our community?

By the way, "Schooled" sounds pretty rad. Thanks for posting.


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Please reply to all. I would like to order one too. wrote:

Tracy Austin

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> Andrey wrote:
> ** ACCEPTED is a comedy motion picture about a group of
> ** high school seniors who, after being rejected from all
> ** colleges to which they had applied, create the fictional
> ** South Harmon Institute of Technology to fool their parents.
> Yeah, ACCEPTED is is a broad humor comedy for teens.
> There is another film coming out soon called SCHOOLED
> and it's a serious character study about a high school teacher
> who pulls himself out of a life crisis when he spends some time
> hanging around a Sudbury model school.
> And I know all this because I wrote and directed the film. :-)
> I was deeply influenced by the Sudbury Press books and
> audio lectures (some I've listened to dozens of times),
> and influenced by the work of A.S. Neill, Wilhelm Reich
> and several other intense thinkers on personal growth.
> The community at Cedarwood Sudbury School very graciously
> let the lead actor and I hang out there for a day, and that experience
> directly informed the JC meeting in the movie. An alumni from
> Fairhaven named Ben Umstead was a HUGE part of our production
> behind-the-scenes and on-screen for several scenes. There is a staff
> member from the Summerhill-inspired Play Mountain Place in the film too.
> I've been on this e-mail list for about 5 years, and I wanted to also
> spend some time at "the" Sudbury Valley too although they turned me
> down(!)
> because I was told they were sick of visitors. I felt equally frustrated
> and delighted by their refusal! :-)
> Right now we're finishing up the sound and music for the film and we're
> at the very beginning of our promotion campaign. The film will begin
> playing festivals in the late Winter of '06, or the Spring of '07.
> And if the response is strong enough at the festivals, it will
> also play art houses.
> You can see pictures and more info at the IMDb:
> and you can watch the trailer at
> our original website:
> or our MySpace page
> And if anybody on this list lives near LA, you're welcome to contact me
> off-list and I'll invite you to one of our private sneak preview
> screenings.
> Lastly, I want to thank the people on this list for committing to these
> values.
> My greatest hope is that the film conveys the spirit of what it feels like
> when children are genuinely respected and supported. And being a part
> of this e-mail group for 5 years, has made a tremendous impact
> on my perspective of what that's all about.
> All the best,
> Brooks Elms
> writer-director
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