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From: Andrey Fedorov <>
Date: Wed Jul 19 18:10:00 2006


*Accepted* is a comedy <> motion
picture about a group of high school
seniors<>who, after
being rejected from all
colleges <> to
which they had applied, create the fictional South Harmon Institute of
Technology to fool their parents. However, they accidentally make the
school's fake web page functional and find hundreds of would-be applicants
showing up for orientation. They are forced to hire a former teacher (Lewis
Black) to be their dean and create a series of courses without anyone
finding out the truth. It will come out August 11th, 2006, and is from the
creators of the *American Pie

Lewis Black is in it... :)


On 7/19/06, Brian Schack <> wrote:
> Have any of you heard of the upcoming film Accepted? It's a comedy and a
> major motion picture --- with all the good and the bad that entails, but a
> few quotes popped out at me from the trailer.
> "All our lives we've been told what to learn. At South Harmon, the
> students are the teachers."
> "There are no tests, required reading, or any of that nonsense?"
> "Whatever the students say they want to learn."
> "For anyone who thinks higher education has hit an all time low..."
> "You don't need fancy high-brow traditions or money to really learn. You
> just need people with a desire to better themselves, and we've got that at
> South Harmon."
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