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From: Mike Braden <>
Date: Mon Jun 26 09:39:01 2006

Rut Kittel wrote:

> I have just finished my thesis on democratic education and found the
> research from Hannam and co abou Summerhill very helpful. Especially
> because it is sure independent from the schools.
> I guess you know it already: in case you don't: here's the link:

Hi Rut,

Thanks for the link, that was very interesting. It gave me some great
book reading suggestions. I just finished reading Croall's biography of
A.S. Neil and Neil's _Summerhill_. I'm glad to hear that the complaint
was quickly settled when taken to court
( I would love to read
your dissertation if it is in english.

Speaking of scientific publications, I came across this article this
weekend and thought it applicable to the Sudbury model:

 From the article:

    A “child-like flexibility of attitudes, behaviors and knowledge” is
    probably adaptive to the increased instability of the modern world,
    Charlton believes. Formal education now extends well past physical
    maturity, leaving students with minds that are, he said, “unfinished.”

I don't neccessarily agree that a "child-like flexibility of attitudes"
is a bad thing, but I do agree that traditional formal education does
not give most students the personal responsibility and self-awareness
that can arise from democratic/free schools. This is particularly
troubling when higher education appears on the surface to encourage
personal responsibility, yet often this does little for the person who
is not already responsible/aware. I very much agree with the author of
the study how troubling it is sometimes to see how immature
"professional" people can be, as I often observe in my graduate program.
I am constantly flabbergasted at the number of people who, while
friendly and generally intelligent people, are selfish, inconsiderate,
and unaware of the results of their actions (or lack thereof) on others.
This is a major reason for me finding the Sudbury model so attractive.

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