Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Formal education in education

From: Bruce Smith <>
Date: Thu Jun 15 16:05:00 2006


I received a Master's in Education in 1991. Aside from student teaching and
one class (in 2.5 years), it didn't even prepare me one iota to teach in
_conventional_ schools: it was purely a credential, and largely a waste of
my time. Was it a drawback to Sudbury staffing? Not necessarily, though it
did give me more to unlearn.

Now, the actual _experience_ of teaching, as opposed to teacher education,
did help somewhat; certainly my years as a tutor proved useful. A Sudbury
staff member must respect and relate to people, and convey information and
ideas in an effective manner. But one hardly needs formal education as a
teacher to learn this, and indeed, that path is just as likely in my view to
warp one's understanding of children and the ways in which they learn.

Bruce Smith, staff
Alpine Valley School

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