Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Re: Introduction, reopening the encouragement/enticement debate

From: Kenneth Winchenbach Walden <>
Date: Thu Jun 15 10:24:00 2006

Caren Knox-Hundley wrote:
> I am not part of an SV school, but we do unschool. I do know the
> inherent differences, but one thing I have given thought to is how
> *authentic* our lives are. I play West African rhythms on the djembe -
> this is something I love to do. In a school setting, I would hope (as a
> staff member) that I would have the time and opportunity to play -
> because I love to play and want to practice, not because I wanted to
> entice anyone to ask me to teach them. Does intent have anything to do
> with it? It *feels* different to me. I'm thinking of a setting where
> everyone - staff and students - are given space and time to pursue what
> they wish. That feels more real to me - more authentic - than setting
> up my drum in a courtyard, playing because I want someone to *want* to
> learn.

I think as others have pointed out, a lot of the problem is in the
context of SVS schools. Not only because our culture pushes academics
for kids. But also because the SVS schools are really just a substitute
for the kind of community which ideally should exist in our lives -
where kids grow up seeing adults around them doing the things that are
important to them, and where they grow and learn within those
communities that include all people of all ages. Given that those sort
of communities are few and far between, Sudbury is a bit of a incubator
for letting kids grow up in as similar a setting as possible. In that
true community setting kids would see you playing your drums, and other
people of all ages doing all the things they do, and there wouldn't be a
need for these designated "staff". But given the role that most adults
in our society play towards kids, the staff in a Sudbury school have to
be very careful how they play theirs.

Ken Walden
Meadowdance Community Group
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