Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Re: Introduction, reopening the encouragement/enticement debate

From: Mike Braden <>
Date: Wed Jun 14 12:46:01 2006

Dr. Evan Hughes wrote:

> A third thought, is that with all the pressures of the non-SVS thinking world, if classes
>where 'offered' it would be EVER HARDER for children coming from non-SVS models to 'get
>it', lest they be compelled to take classes because they felt they should, instead of want to.
I believe this is the meat of the issue. I suspect most students well
experienced with the school would not have a problem taking or leaving
advertised classes, though there is still an issue with possible
parental pressure. Those new to the system, student or staff, may have
problems trying to cling to more traditional curricula instead of
finding for themselves what they want to do at the pace they are
comfortable with.

> If I had to vote this minute, I would say staff should not go out and advertise their stuff
>to students, mainly because it was not done while I was there and I would defer to the
>tradition until I know better(Or think I know better.) The problem is I don't know better and
>would like to...
This is interesting because from watching the "25th Anniversary
Retrospective, An Evening with Five Former Students"
( I believe that at SVS
originally classes were offered/advertised, but eventually this was
voted out. I wonder if there is some middle ground that allows the
students to know what is available to them without implying any
expectations or limitations. Perhaps just talking with eachother?

Thanks for the toss. As an Aikidoka I enjoy a good throw just as much
as a good throwing. :-)

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