[Discuss-sudbury-model] Re: Introduction, reopening the encouragement/enticement debate

From: Dr. Evan Hughes <evanhughes_at_juno.com>
Date: Wed Jun 14 12:06:00 2006

     Dear Mike,
      I went to SVS for 8 years until graduation and wanted to throw in my feelings (ha!
Throw. get it? It's an Aikido thing. Throw.. Aikido...) toward encouragement by staff
members at the school.
     You already posted my first thought, which is that it's a very thin line between
manipulation and encouragement in such a case (I believe the word you used was
     My second thought however is that kids learn about what's around them. Einstein's
father worked in electronics, where little Einstain's spent many days watching and learning
(and blowing off traditional school to do it.) Einstein was there of his own will and we can
assume would have left any time he wished. I had a few experiences of wanting to learn
various things at SVS and felt like I was discouraged (Maybe it was simply not
encouragement instead of discouragement) and in fact when I got to college, one of my
thoughts was 'this is easy, all i have to do is pay them several hundred dollars and the class
is all set up for me! Neat." This reaction came because of many times thirsting for things to
be put together in the form of classes in the environment of SVS.
     I can remember jumping in to a history class with Danny, that I never would have
thought to have joined if friends hadn't already set it up. Computer activities that where
jumped in to. Yes, I also started my fare share of activities as well, but having some kind of
venue already active has caused me to go in directions I would not have otherwise and I'm
not convinced it is a bad thing. Maybe staff could participate in their specialty without
messing with the model...???
     A third thought, is that with all the pressures of the non-SVS thinking world, if classes
where 'offered' it would be EVER HARDER for children coming from non-SVS models to 'get
it', lest they be compelled to take classes because they felt they should, instead of want to.
     If I had to vote this minute, I would say staff should not go out and advertise their stuff
to students, mainly because it was not done while I was there and I would defer to the
tradition until I know better(Or think I know better.) The problem is I don't know better and
would like to...

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