[Discuss-sudbury-model] Models of Justice - continued

From: Phil Osborn <philosborn2001_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sat May 27 19:47:00 2006

I can see, my previous comments and links
not-withstanding, that when someone violates an
agreed-upon social norm, whether or not that involves
a specific instance of actual injustice (taking
something from someone else that was rightfully
theirs), then sanctions that emphasize a sort of
apology to the community may be appropriate.

The community rules will hopefully encompass types of
behavior that tend to cause a net loss of value to the
community as such. Not every instance may cause
damage, but on average there will be a cost that is
passed on to the community, while justice would
dictate that the cost be bourn by the individuals
responsible. In that case, the sanction may be an
effective way to deter and set things straight between
the individuals and the community.

It is generally preferable that injustices be made
right through some kind of actual restitution to the
victims. In the military, to give a truly odd example
in the context of Sudbury, violating community
standards - e.g., having one's uniform unbuttoned -
might result in KP duty.

I don't know how jobs are allocated at Sudbury;
whether, for example, the students are responsible for
so many hours per week of janitorial or kitchen
duties, etc. Here's an interesting site about a
system that was used with great "success"* in the
public schools here in the OC in the '60's.

http://www.behaviormodsuperkids.com/ **

*Making a "success" of the coercive public school
system to me is like making a "success" out of the
American Nazi Party...

**I had the inventor of the Harrison System(s) give a
workshop at one of the Libertarian conferences I
helped to put together in the late '70's. He felt
like a fish out of water among us anarchists and
atheists, I know, but many of the ideas he had
innovated had such a strong grain of truth to them,
that I was glad I had gotten him to speak.

Also, Harrison has a separate system for organizing
families upon non-coercive, pro-justics grounds.

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