[Discuss-sudbury-model] Re: [AEROlistserve] scientific publications on democratic schools

From: Martin Wilke <martin.wilke_at_gmx.net>
Date: Tue May 23 09:12:00 2006

Dana Matthew Bennis wrote:

> Hi Martin - when you say "scientific," what do you mean? Do you mean
> anything that is a formal study, or specifically quantitative,
> empirical studies?

Preferably qualitative comparative or case studies of individual
democratic schools. For the purpose of my thesis I want to focus an
individuals rights and freedoms of students in democratic schools, on
the democratic structure and on the judicial systems. Aspects like the
benefit of play, age-mixing, learning theories etc. will not be part of
my work. However I'd be interested in them personally anyway, just not
for the thesis.

> There are very few of either, especially the
> latter. I'll describe here what I know, including my own research
> which I have just completed,

Your description below sounds interesting. I'd be happy to read your
thesis. You can send it to me off-list.

> and I urge others to mention other
> studies. This message goes a bit long, but there is much to say and I
> believe it is important to focus more on research.
> Certainly you know about the two Sudbury books, Todd mentioned one of
> them in a previous post.

I suppose you mean "The Legacy of Trust" and "The Pursuit of Happiness".
And have both of them.

> Peter Gray is a professor who has also done
> several formal studies on Sudbury Valley that have been published in
> journals. You will find links to several of these articles by
> searching for "gray sudbury valley" at http://scholar.google.com/.

Thank you that was helpful. I didn't know of scholar.google.com. I'll
see what I can find there.

Martin Wilke
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