Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Models of Justice

From: Shelli Buhr <>
Date: Wed May 17 21:03:00 2006

  I understood and agreed with your post. Justice and balance go hand in hand. We make mistakes, we learn. I think sometimes this list gets a bit anal and likes to pick apart peoples posts with their own opinions, making theirs right. Morals, yea... it's all part of consciousness and how we grow as human beings. Sometimes we learn more from mistakes than we do perfection.
  When you put in Justice into a thesaurus, you get words like fairness, honesty, integrity, fair dealing, and even righteousness but even righteousness I would imagine would spark a post from some people on this list.
  I have been a member here for a while. But I am tired of the style of posts on this list. It's pretty sad when discussions come up and I get flooded with email from the ‘vultures’ who patiently wait, for their opportunity, to debate.
  Can someone please either handle it foe me or let me know how to unsubscribe?
  hmmm, maybe the balance is from the "peace" that follows making a decision that leaves me in my integrity.

Terence Purtell <> wrote:
    By "teaching a person to live a better life," I was promoting neither positive law (law that tells people what to do) nor negative law (law that tells people what not to do). "Morals" was a poor choice of terms on my part, because I didn't even want to bring rules into the picture one way or the other.

  Shelli Buhr


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