RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Models of Justice

From: Jackie Peraza <>
Date: Wed May 17 15:27:00 2006

Ken Walden wrote:

>...The purposes of rules in a hierarchical or autocratic school may be for
>crowd control, for character shaping, to appease societal concerns or many
>other reasons. Thus sending a kid to detention for slamming a door is
>attempting to deal with a lot of other issues, the nuisance of a door slam
>the least of those.

However Ken, the truth of the matter is that the slam of a door truly is
nothing more than a nuisance and it would be quite the stretch to call the
act a reflection on one's character. To believe that detention in a school
setting for such acts as slamming doors contributes to (positive) character
shaping is quite plainly preposterous. You're right; there are a lot of
other issues in a hierarchical or autocratic school, control being amongst
the greatest of those.


Jackie Peraza
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