[Discuss-sudbury-model] RE: how do computers influence the childīs development

From: Ilja <iljafaun_at_wanadoo.nl>
Date: Wed May 17 04:33:01 2006


On the question of what is or isnīt a positive effects I must say I found
numerous studies saying computer use is bad in relation to traditional style
scholing. This because students feel there are better ways to spend their
time then absorbing french vocabulary. Most peolpe would regard this a
negative effect, I donīt.

As to the question of authority: "In addition, some have hypothesized that
the equality in online communications among computer users of all ages tends
to erode authority structures, with the result that children will be less
accepting of parental authority" Canīt be bothered les!

I myself feel that the mayor concern in computer use is adressed to what we
would consider "abuse" And my hypothesis would be that abuse is more likely
when the self-esteem and feel of control over real life is low because this
can be compensated in a virtual environment. Generally this wouldnīt be the
typical sudbury-style student. I indeed found a study suggesting that
excesive gamers have a reduced feel of control over their lives, but to my
opinion this would be a chicken or egg dilema; what was there first, the
sense of no-control, or the addiction?

I agree that there is a strong similarity in the response to computers as
there has been to books, cinema and cartoons. But I still find myself uneasy
with childeren sitting indoors all day on a beautiful sunny day. Canīt help

An insteresting literature survey was conducted by the LSDA:
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