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From: Frederick W. Schueler <>
Date: Sat Apr 29 12:46:00 2006

Hughes wrote:
> Desperados most assuredly have very good reasons for being in their state of mind. The profound acceptance that I have seen offered to the students at SVS over the years while students "work it out" is inspiring, both from the staff and the student body. Freedom is a daunting responsibility. The power that it evokes from the students at SVS is hard to adequately put into words.

* but the problem is establishing the community that exerts and respects
this power from the few that come to a newly established school. We've
recently failed, in another sphere, to establish an institution on a
basis of co-operation and freedom; the reason we failed is that the
initial population of participants didn't share the ideals, we didn't
appreciate the extent to which they didn't share the ideals, and there
was no established tradition behind them.

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