[Discuss-sudbury-model] Premiere of Documentary Film "Democratic Schools"

From: Mike Weimann <mike.weimann_at_gmx.net>
Date: Wed Apr 12 15:26:01 2006

Dear friends,

we are happy to present this new movie, it contains several long
statements from Mikel Matisoo of Sudbury Valley and a large part of the
pictures was made in Naestved Fri Skole, Denmark, which follows the
Sudbury concept. But not only for these reasons we thought our news
might be of some interest for some of you here on this mailing list.
Please note the possibility to order it in US and other countries.

Greetings from Berlin


--- from our newsletter---------------

Dear Participants at the Berlin IDEC, dear friends and dear
subscribers to our newsletters,

To our great delight the documentary film which was made
last summer on the occasion of the IDEC in Berlin is about
to have its premiere.

-> Premiere on the 27th of April 2006 at 18.00
             in the Kino Babylon Berlin-Mitte.

We have prepared an introductory text, that we are attaching
at the end of this newsletter. We would like this text to be
widely distributed. We are particularly pleased that some of
the people featured in the film will be present. We will
have as guests school students from Israel, Denmark and
Austria, among others.

All information about the film is on our new, bi-lingual
-> http://democratic-schools.com/

For further publicity we have also designed a postcard,
which can be obtained from us or ordered electronically.
-> http://de.democratic-schools.com/screenings/media/
If you can send us the addresses of any people who ought to
receive invitations, we would be grateful. An email will be
-> kraetzae_at_kraetzae.de

In connection with the film and its premiere we are working
with the Stiftung Bildungscent e.V., so that tickets can
also be booked on line.
-> http://www.bildungscent.de/ or directly to "Orders"
-> http://www.bildungscent.de/index.php?id=277&backPID=286&tt_news=393

The DVD version of "Democratic Schools" will be available
online, after the premiere, from Tologo-Verlag:
-> http://www.tologo.de/freie-bildung/demokratische-schulen/

The DVD will work on both TV standards (PAL and NTSC). For
international marketing we cooperate with AERO (the
Alternative Education Resource Organisation):
-> http://www.educationrevolution.org/demdocumentary.html
They show the documentary on June 30th, 2006, 3 pm, in Troy,
NY, USA - during their Annual Conference:
-> http://www.educationrevolution.org/schedule.html

Warm greetings from Berlin,
 From Mike Weimann and the IDEC-Team 2005

IDEC 2005-Komitee
Dunckerstraße 11
10437 Berlin
+49(0)30 - 40 39 33 40
INVITATION to the premiere of the documentary film,
"Democratic Schools"
When:        Thursday, April 27th, 2006:  18:30
              Entrance from 18.00
Where:       Kino Babylon Berlin-Mitte
              Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 30
Entrance:    3 Euros (2 Euros for concessions)
This is a film about the wish to learn.
    In democratic schools the students can decide for
    themselves what and how they learn. There are no
    timetables, no marks. Exams are voluntary. Students and
    teachers have the same rights and co-operate in the
    organisation of their schools. When decisions are taken,
    everyone has one vote. Can that work?
Democratic schools already exist in many countries and are
generally very successful. Students decide for themselves
what, when, how and with whom they will learn; shared
decisions are made on the principle of "one person, one
vote." In the film a number of students and staff from
democratic schools report on their experiences.
Many of the interviews took place at the International
Democratic Education Conference (IDEC) in Berlin. After
IDECs in Japan, Israel, New Zealand, the USA and India, IDEC
2005 met in Europe again for the first time after a long
interval, and assembled more than 200 students, staff and
other experts from 28 different countries. In addition the
film-maker Jan Gabbert and his team travelled to Naestved
Fri Skole, a democratic school in Denmark. The 35-minute
documentary film is also enriched by a number of animations.
At the premiere in the Kino Babylon Berlin-Mitte the film-
maker and some of the people featured will be present, among
them students Michael Sappir from Israel and Ella Wagner
from Vienna and Uwe Hartung, the joint founder of a
democratic school in Leipzig, as well as a number of pupils
and teachers from the Naestved Fri Skole. After the film
there will be a discussion with the public, to which we have
also invited politicians. To celebrate the premiere
sparkling wine and seltzer will be served afterwards in the
The German Kinderhilfswerk is supporting the public
premiere, but the film itself was supported by funds from
the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.
Responsibility for its content rests with the Netzwerk
Spiel/Kultur Prenzlauer Berg e.V.
The film is a project of the Berlin KinderRÄchTsZÄnker, a
youth group that campaigns for equal rights for children and
adults. They draw on the idea of human rights, which are
valid for everyone, regardless of age. They demand a non-
compulsory school system and they have visited democratic
schools around the world.
In the summer of 2005 K.R.Ä.T.Z.Ä. ran the 13th IDEC in
Berlin. (http://www.idec2005.org).
The languages in the film are German, English and Danish
(with German subtitles). The film is available on DVD.
Further information, including a trailer, can be found at:
-> http://www.democratic-schools.com
-> http://www.demokratische-schulen.de
Kinderrechtsprojekt K.R.Ä.T.Z.Ä. Dunckerstraße 11,10437 Berlin
Tel. 030 4479722, http://www.kraetzae.de, kraetzae@kraetzae.de
We are grateful to the following for their support:
Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung
Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk
Netzwerk Spiel/Kultur Prenzlauer Berg e.V.
Nextfilm Filmproduktion
Kino Babylon Mitte
Mike Weimann, Winsstraße 4, 10405 Berlin
http://kraetzae.de | http://idec2005.org
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