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Date: Sat Apr 8 02:01:00 2006

I just really started to look at this listserv, so I am responding to this
late. I've worked at Diablo Valley School in Concord, CA for a couple of
years and I really love it. I've worked with kids in lots of different
environments and to be able to interact with them on an equal footing is an
incredible experience. It is also wonderful to work without a boss, where
all decisions are made collectively. I can't describe the feeling of being
able to work on what I want to work on rather than to please someone else.

Basically, the staff are there to keep the school functioning, doing
whatever clerkships the students aren't interested in (which is most of the
boring administrative ones!) We are also there as a resource to students and
teach whatever subjects students want. In some ways anyone could be a staff
member, and in others ways it definitely takes a special person. You have
to be able to respect kids and treat them as equals. You have to believe in
democratic decision making (even when the majority is 'wrong'). You have to
be self-motivated. You have to understand the model pretty well and be able
to explain it to people (harder than it sounds), but that comes with time.
Also, perhaps most importantly, many schools run on such a tight budget that
many staff work for little or no money. We just started to pay staff and
everyone has worked for a significant amount of time just donating their
time. So, an ability to live VERY frugally, be independently wealthy, or
hold down two part time jobs can be essential qualities. At DVS, we have an
internship process before people can run for staff, which includes reading a
lot of the books and just being a part of the school community.

Actually we are currently hiring for next school year (paying $10/hr), so if
you are in the area is interested let me know.

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