[Discuss-sudbury-model] 1st Directory of Democratic Schools Nears Publication

From: Isaac Graves <isaacgraves_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed Mar 22 03:27:00 2006

The first ever directory of democratic schools is nearing completion
and is set to be available by the start of the IDEC.

Dana Bennis and myself have been compiling detailed data for over 6
months and we now need the following information from your democratic
school or program (if you've not already sent it):

200-250 word overview of your school or program
A 2inch x 2inch (30.8mm x 30.8mm) logo or photo (300dpi if possible)
1-3 Contact Names

If you do not see your program below, please contact us
immediately. If your school has a *** before the name, we do not
have a complete address for your program, so please contact us
immediately so it is corrected before publication. If you are not
from the school, but have access to the information, please also get
in touch as many folks are not on this list. If your school has a
### next to it, we are missing your phone number and/or e-mail
address. Everyone who hasn't recently contacted Dana or myself
should assume we do not have your proper contact names.



Academic Community for Educational Success
Agate Private School
ALPHA Alternative School
Alpine Valley School
Alternative High School
Arthur Morgan School
Aventurijn School
Beach School, The
Big Rock Sudbury School
Blackberry Village School
Blacktown Youth College
Blue Mountain School
Blue Ridge Discovery School
Booroobin Sudbury Democratic Centre of Learning
Brazos Valley Sudbury School
Brooklyn Free School
***###Bunurong School
Butterflies Program for Street and Working Children
Carl Rogers Person-Centered School
Casa Sudbury
Cedarwood Sudbury School
Circle School, The
Clearwater School, The
Clonlara School
***###Colegio Bilingue Jorge Emilio Gutierrez
***###Colegio Naleb School
Community School, The
Community School, The
Currambena Primary & Preschool
Dansk Friskoleforening
De Kleine Wijzer
De Ruimte
De Vallei
De Vlinder Sudbury School
***###De Vrijborch
De Vrije Ruimte
De Weide
Democrati Lev Hasharon
Democratic School Makkukurosuke
Democratic School of Kfar Sava, The
###Democratic School of Ono Valley, The
Democratic School Sola
Det Frie Gymnasium
Diablo Valley School
Die Hupfauer
Eagle Rock School
Emerald Valley School
Escola da Ponte
Escola Lumiar
Evergreen Sudbury School
Fairfield School
Fairhaven School
Farm School, The
Free School, The
###Freie Gesamtschule
Freie Schule Frankfurt
Freie Schule Leipzig
Friendship Sudbury School
Full Circle Community School
Global Community School
Grassroots Free School
Greenwood Sudbury School
Hadera Democratic School
Harmony Education Center
H-B Woodlawn Program
Highland School, The
Hod Hasharon Democratic School
Hope Flowers School
Horizons School
Hudson Valley Sudbury School
"Iederwijs Apeldoorn ""Wonderwijs"""
Iederwijs Betuwe
Iederwijs Castricum
Iederwijs Deventer
Iederwijs Heuvelrug
Iederwijs Leeuwarden
Iederwijs Lopik
Iederwijs Salland de Ontdekking
Iederwijs Schaijk/Oss
***Iederwijs Slochteren
Iederwijs Someren
Independent Learning Center
Indigo Sudbury Campus
Jefferson County Open School
Jerusalem Sudbury School
Kanaf Democratic School
Katuah Sudbury School
Kedem - Democratic School of Arad
###Kehila - Democratic School in Tel Aviv
###Keshet School, The
###Kfar Kera Democratic School
Kinokuni Children's Village
***###Kluch School
Korczak Democratic School of Holon
Laurel High School
###Lehman Alternative Community School
Liberty School
***###Lilleskolernes Sammenslutning
Little River Community School
Living School, The
Longview School
Lycee Autogere De Paris
###Lycee Experimental
Marietta Johnson School of Organic Education
Meeting School, The
Met School, The
Moo Baan Dek
Moscow International Film School
Mountain Laurel Sudbury School
Mountain Valley School
Nadav - The Modi'in Democratic School
Naestved Fri Skole
Nahoon Montessori School
New School of Nothern Virginia, The
New School, The
New School, The
Olympia Community Free School
Open Democratic School Tel Aviv Jaffa, The
Park School
Play Mountain Place
Portland Family Freeschool
Pudget Sound Community School
Red Cedar School
Sacramento Valley School
Sagemount School
SAIL High School
Sands School
Scarsdale Alternative School
School Around Us
School of Self-Determination
School Star
School Within a School (Brookline High School)
School Within a School (East Anchorage High School
School Without Walls
SchuelerInnenschule im Wuk
Schulkollektiv Wien Wuk
Second Foundation School
Sego Lily School
###Shahaf Democratic School
Shenandoah Valley Community School
Spring Valley School
***Springfield Sudbury School
Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir
Stellar Secondary School
Stonesoup School
Stork Family School
Sudbury Maui
Sudbury Valley School
Sudbury-Schule Halle-Leipzig e.V.
***Summerhill Latinoamericano
Tamariki School
Tefen Experimental School
Timatanga Community School
Tokyo Shure
Triangolo Sudbury School
Trillium Charter School
Trillium School, The
Tutorial School, The
Upattinas School
Village Free School, The
Village School, The
Windsor House School
###Wispering Seed
###Yafa - The Arab Democratic School
###Yggdrasil Skolen I Det Sydfynske
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