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I have written down some arguments and want to share it with the readers
on this list. There were some threads of discussion about "science" in
January, so I thought this might be of interest. If you like, I can copy
Daniel Greenberg's criticism from the IDEC mailinglist here as well.
Just let me know.

It is a remarkable example of the narrow-minded prejudice with which Mike
Weimann, supposedly a proponent of "scientific study", addresses this list.
What person who was devoted to a fair and complete debate on an issue would
expose this list to his extensive rejection of Daniel Greenberg's criticism from
another maillist, without at least including the complete posting he is
supposedly refuting that was made by Daniel Greenberg on that list? This is a
fair sample of Weimann's objectivity.
If someone is really interested in what was, in fact, Weimann's irrelevant
and poorly conceived diatribe against Sudbury Valley's two extensive
longitudinal studies of its former students, "Legacy of Trust" and "Pursuit of
Happiness" (both available from the Sudbury Valley School Press, directly or through
the school's website), I will be glad to forward his opening assault, and my
long response, which the current post of Weimann's again attacks.
Daniel Greenberg
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