Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Los Angeles School

From: Shelli Buhr <>
Date: Sat Mar 11 14:53:01 2006

Hi Brooks,
  I am starting with the SVS project and gathering information now. If you are still interested, I just created a yahoogroup called I am utilizing my experience along with some great people from both SVS ad AERO's start up listserves.
  This yahoogroup is the hub of communication during the process of putting the school together. Website soon to come.
  Shelli Buhr

Brooks Elms <> wrote:
  ** When I was on the list three years ago, there was
** a group interested in beginning a school in the
** Los Angeles area. Does anyone know if they
** were successful?

About a year and a half ago, I contacted one of the
people involved and she told me they struggled too
much to get it going and so they stopped trying.

If you are considering to start one, please contact me
off-list because I might be able to lend some part-time
local support.


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