[Discuss-sudbury-model] Looking to open a new school in Orange County, CA

From: Shelli Buhr <shellibuhr_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Thu Mar 9 12:34:00 2006

 Well, after years of watching this group, knowing in my heart that I have a school to build, Michael is now at the age where it's time to start putting together an an SVS similar model in Orange County, CA.
  For the past year, my focus has been on alternative daycare called Making a Difference Preschool which is an inclusion center where special needs children interact with what the educational system calls "typical" children. (and please dont shoot the messenger, I am using standardized wording and am not in favor of the term myself.) www.makingadifferencepreschool.com
  So, effective April 2006, I will start the plans for Creations, Orange County to open in 2007 unless angels open doorways for this project to open any sooner as I am willing and able to lend my energy into this.
  I would love any feedback, suggestions, or assistance anyone is willing to offer. I am putting together a yahoogroup for interested parties, so anyone in the area you may know who is interested, please direct them to me. This group acts as a means of communicating and planning as well as discussing philosophy and other ideas.
  Shelli Buhr

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