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From: Tay Arrow Sherman <>
Date: Thu Mar 2 11:47:01 2006

> From my point of view standard public education is a toxic environment
> for ALL involved. It replicates the American obsession of More Is
> Better, no matter what that "more" is. We have a trash compactor style
> of education. Just keep shoving it in without thought to relevance or
> developmenatl appropriateness, or joy, or creativity ... Hooray for
> Sudbury Valley!!!!

I totally agree, but I also think that actually the public schools are
representing for the flip side of the American Values coin: LESS Is
Better. Less *real* work, less *real* information, and a lot less
respect. One thing I have noticed about kids who did non-coercive
schooling of any kind is that these kids, even at a young age, are more
empowered to seek out multiple points of view in order to find the one
that they feel is true, for any issue. Many of my friends who were
educated by force still struggle with this, because the information
they were exposed to was so restricted for so long that they have
trouble with seeing that there might be multiple perspectives, or with
picking through these perspectives, or even that someone in authority
would be capable of offering misinformation.

It's funny, right? Because there is SO much misinformation in public
school curriculum. You'd think the kids who got the most misinformation
would be the most sensitive to receiving even more, but that doesn't
seem to be true. It's kind of like the difference between a country
with freedom of the press, and a country without it. When you grow up
with no exposure to alternative viewpoints, it's difficult to change,
even if you actively want to.

I think for some "ADD/ADHD" kids, the "problem" is that their brains
are so excited about information that they create their own alternative
viewpoints. They are therefore more likely to come up with answers
that, while correct in actuality, are incorrect in terms of the
prescribed curriculum. Even in the "good" public schools, the
curriculum is packed with misinformation and incorrect definitions. A
kid can fail out of school, giving the real right answers. If you
notice what's going on, you quickly realise that there is no reason to
respect a system that only wants you to give the wrong answers in the
teachers' books. And that, to me, is the privileging of a lesser value.



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