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Here's my alumni-of-ten-years-ago perspective, which may be inaccurate
or outdated:

I don't know about other schools, but at SVS, you hang out for a week
or so and get to know people. Then you can run for a staff position.
You'd get voted in, if you'd made a good connection with the community.
Sometimes this means someone else on staff is voted out. Every year,
you have to get re-elected. I believe salary is also voted upon by
everyone at the school.

If I were going to vote for someone to staff a Sudbury school I was
attending, I would look for these skills:
-patience and compassion,
-ability to communicate well and respectfully,
-extensive understanding of the Sudbury philosophy, and a passion for
promoting it,
-wide variety of interests and expertise (I'd of course be slightly
biased in favour of interests I shared or thought I might grow to


On 27 Feb, 2006, at 21.47, Christina Cat wrote:

> What is it like to work at a Sudbury model school? I know it could
> vary greatly between schools, individual staff and daily. I've
> thought for years that I would love to work as staff in a Sudbury type
> school, and have reached a point where a more serious investigation
> makes sense (I'm no longer moving around the country based on someone
> else's career, and contemplating moving towards full time work of my
> own).
> What kind of job description, necessary skills, talents, training
> would cover Sudbury staff?
> Christina Cat
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> Christina Cat
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