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From: Tay Arrow Sherman <>
Date: Mon Feb 27 21:51:00 2006

I'd be super interested in what you had to say about this, but I'd be
happy to hear about it off-list if no one else is. My email:

And-- point taken! I'd like to apologise to the list for my last post,
which was TOTALLY unrelated to Sudbury model schooling, and was just
kind of me navel-gazing about my own issues. In my head, there was more
to say that made it related. Sorry, everyone!


On 27 Feb, 2006, at 21.24, Dr. Evan Hughes wrote:

> Just about the launch in to an explanation of the effects of
> spinal injuries and diet on children, I paused and wondered if it is
> appropriate for this forum. I am more then happy to answer questions
> via privet e-mail (it's my profession and my life's work,) however
> health and wellness, although vital to raising healthy children, may
> or may not be related to the sudbury-model.
> The previous string was about the psychosocial implications of a
> diagnosis within the sudbury system. Diet and Subluxation is getting
> away from direct implication to that system and becoming more general.
> Indeed, if you have sick, subluxated, sugar crazed kids, they're in
> trouble no matter what system they are in.
> I ask out of respect for the forum's mission.
> Thoughts?
> Evan
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