[Discuss-sudbury-model] The Phantom of ADD/ADHD

From: Dr. Evan Hughes <evanhughes_at_juno.com>
Date: Fri Feb 24 00:11:00 2006

     Rich, I have to both agree and disagree with you.
      Yes, I agree with the sentiment that throwing out cultural norms can be stand offish and it is perhaps a trait of mine to jump in to battle (intellectual ones anyway.) There are better ways I admit.
      At the same time I have issues with admitting to seeing ADD/ADHD as anything but a normal adaptive response to one of the three influences I mentioned (Diet, environment and subluxation of the cervical spine.)
      If I remember correctly the DSM-IV does not make attempts to classify where the disorders came from. From this idea, could you not see hunger as disease? How about thirst? You could take drugs to stop those things, but that would be stupid. I feel the same way about cough medicine. Only someone who doesn't understand physiology would give cough medicine to a child (It is a body response working for you, not a disease trying to hurt you!) As in all things, there are exceptions, but I've never seen them myself, and I've seen lots of cough medicine handed out.
     And speaking of exceptions, I have never encountered a child, patient, peer or student who had ADD/ADHD like symptoms who also didn't have an obvious external cause associated. Granted I am not a psychologist, however I've been around in educational circles and seen the patterns. I say obvious, which does not imply that I knew how to help that person... Or that they even wanted help for them self (Or their children.) That's for a good physiologist or educator to do anyway.
      If the diet is off, change it. If the neck is subluxated, adjust it. If there is brain damage, adapt to it. All of these things are empowering ways to see a child in distress.
       Once the label of ADD goes on a child IT NEVER COMES OFF THAT CHILD. "oops, you where miss diagnosed" won't do it.
      By attacking the concept of the diagnosis it automatically frees the mind to the next step. "well, if my kid doesn't have ADD, what is happening then!?" and you should see the children's faces when I talk about this stuff. God they love it. Eat it up in fact! It's like their being freed from prison.
      Rich, I think we're on the same page, I'm just looking to take it a step further in terms of how people see the body/mind.
      There is a great saying: "You can't study poor people to become rich. you can't study uneducated to become educated. You can't study large people to become slender and You can't study sick people to be healthy."
       Enough with the diagnosis already. Lets start looking at the HEALTH of Children and stop even admitting that medicine has THE answer. It is a prospective only, and in our society today that prospective has failed. We need a new one.
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