Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] passion and addictions

From: Brooks Elms <>
Date: Wed Feb 22 10:50:00 2006

Ann Ide asked:
"Is there a point when one might consider
following ones passion an unhealthy obsession,
or addiction, versus a healthy pursuit of ones passion?"

Yes. At the point the "obsession" blocks the person
too much from doing other things that person
also wants to do --- over a SIGNIFICANT amount of time.

If a child is doing something the parent thinks
is blocking the child from the other things the CHILD loves
it's the parent's responsibility to share their observations,
theories and feelings, knowing that their theories might be
dead wrong - perhaps because of the parents
OWN challenges around this topic.

At a Sudbury School, as long as the student
is acting within the rules created by the school meeting
(which basically protect the self and others)
I don't see how any outside intervention
would be justified.

Very best,
Brooks Elms
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